Graco Extend2Fit Platinum Convertible Car Seat

If you are searching for a great convertible car seat, you will realize how many different options you have. There are hundreds of different brands of convertible car seats on the market to choose from. But, one of the most sought-after brands of car seat is Graco. The company has been providing the best car seats for kids for many years now, and one of their most popular products is the Graco Extend2Fit Platinum Convertible Car Seat, Hayden.

Who can buy/benefit from this product?

It is no secret that lots of people are advocates for an extended rear facing, therefore once a car seat is integrated with high rear-facing weight limit, you cannot wait to check it out. State of the art Gracon Extend2Fit is a compact, easy to set up and has a 50lbs rear facing weight limit, an additional leg space for your kids and what is more very reasonable. This convertible car seat gives parent solutions on their issues that are normally found in the car seat once it utilized for a toddler in a rear-facing position.
Al in all, this is beneficial for parents who want their kid ride rear-facing for longer hours. This is also idea for kids up to forty-nine inches, kids riding rear-facing up to fifty pounds and toddlers riding forward-facing up to sixty-five pounds.

Product Description

Ride in the advance Extend2Fit convertible car seat from Graco rear facing from four to fifty pounds and forward facing from twenty-two to sixty-five pounds. The plush, machine washable seat cushion makes for a comfortable and stress-free ride. With wide adjustable features, each journey far or near is tailored to their console.

With 5 inches extra legroom, this convertible car seat from Graco features EZ Tight Latch for a safe and easy installation with three easy steps. The Graco Extend2Fit allows your kid to ride rear-facing for longer hours. Riding rear facing keeps your kids safe for up to five times.

• This convertible car seat also comes with a four-position extension panel which offers space for growing legs.
• RapidRemove cover is machine washable and can be detached without uninstalling the cover seat. It also comes with a Simple Safe feature that allows you to adjust the height of the headrest and harness as your kids grow.
• It has Fuss-Free Harness Storage which holds the buckle, so it is easy to get your kid in and out.
• It features Ultra-Strong Frame that gives durability and strength for many years of using
• The Latch system and the easy-to-read level pointer makes the installation process easier.
• It also comes with dual cup holders that keep your kid’s snack, drink, as well as trinkets close for handiness.
• Your kid will be comfortable on your journey or adventures along with the six-position recline.
• As your kid grows, so does the headrest. The ten-position headrest can be adjusted easily in each growth spurt.


The Graco Extend2Fit convertible seat is integrated with amazing features that offer many perks such as:
• Provide a safe and easy installation with three steps. The EZ latch retracts the fastener and pushes on the middle of the car seat to tighten.
• Intended to help keep a rear-facing kid from four to fifty pounds and the forward facing toddler from twenty-two to sixty-five pounds.
• Up to fifty lbs rear facing which allow the kids to ride rear-facing for longer hours securely
• The six position recline helps to keep growing kid comfortable
• This seat is comfy, cute and very safe.


Despite the many perks this convertible car seat offers it also comes with minor drawbacks such as:
• This doesn’t come with lock off tool particularly if it is set up with the car’s seat belt. Lots of space will be taken by car seat once the panel for leg rest is extended in the rear facing position.
• The covers of harness latch can’t be utilized during forwarding position.


Despite these drawbacks, still, the Graco Extend2fit Platinum Convertible Car Seat is one of the most reliable and durable convertible car seats available today. It is packed with essential features and a perfect tool for parents wanting their kids to ride in a rear-facing position for long hours. It is ideal for kids riding rear-facing up to fifty pounds and perfect for kids up to forty-nine inches. It good reviews online and the company offer a generous warranty as well.

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