Choosing the right jumperoo for your little one is essential if you want to keep your baby safe, comfortable as well as entertained. Fisher Price is one of the premier manufacturers out there, and they have jumperoo perfect for all types of parents. If you are looking for the best Fisher Price jumperoo for your baby, look no further than Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo. This is an amazing addition to any nursery. This playset is ideal for the child who is old enough to support their head unassisted, but mastering to walk and crawl. It has a comfortable seat that gives your baby a safe spot to bounce and play while its colorful motif stimulates the senses of your baby.

About the Product

• The freestanding sturdy steel frame allows the baby to jump safely, there is no doorway needed. It has a maximum height of 32 inches.
• Seat rotates 360 degrees so your little one can discover amazing toys all around.
• Adjust easily to three diverse heights as baby grows
• Soft spring covers keep little fingers safe
• Busy activities include bat-at-monkey, peek-a-boo, bobble elephant, rattle lizard, spinner drum and many others.


• Promote Safety and Comfort

The Fisher-Price Jumperoo is a comfortable and safe place for a little one to sit and play, it doesn’t matter if he or she stays for a moment or for an hour. It comes with 2-leaves extend from the frame to make an overhead canopy with soft toys that dangle down for fun bat-at play. This also features a revolving seat with soft spring cover which keeps fingers secure from pinching and 3-positioning height adjustment for a personalize or custom fit.

Spins Cushion Seat

The cushioned seat will allow for a little one to exercise her or his full selection movement, jumping or spinning to help make motor capabilities and workout small legs in a safe and fun way. The rainforest jumperoo has many toys for kids to choose from, which include a monkey on a vine, a colorful lizard which rattle and spins, a tethered chew toy, hide and look for tiger, a frog, and parrot hanging from the trees, and some few extra eye-catching functions for little one to take pleasure in.

• Stimulating Interactive Play

The whole thing your little one needs at play-time is available at Rainforest Jumperoo. It has a newly made frame both enables you to open it up from the top and allows the seat to spin 360 degrees so your baby can interact and play from any side. Toys and a fun seat at five locations engage your little one all the way around. There is also an electronic toy located at the front that has motion, music as well as lights which can be set off by baby spinning a drum. Dad or Mom can also set off an option for 4 minutes of constant play.

• Easy to Move and Store

This is easy to assemble and doesn’t need a doorway to maintain child up, giving you the independence to choose exactly where the kid plays. A wide base assures balance, and cushy spring covers make sure that the baby’s delicate skin is sake. To customized suit to your child’s size, just use the three-position height-adjustment settings. Once playtime is over, just fold up the jumperoo and tuck it away for the baby’s succeeding play session.


• Fisher-Price is a priceless addition to your baby toolkit. If you have a little one who is able to sit up and wants to move around, this jumperoo allows your baby to safely exercise and helps develop gross motor and fine motor skills. Here are some other perks of this product.
• Toys all around to give little ones plenty of things to play with
• It has a cushioned soft seat and three-levels of height adjustment; this is made for baby’s comfort
• Encourages the development of leg muscle at a time when the little one is preparing to stand and walk
• Easy to install and the seat cover is easy to take off for cleaning
• Rainforest theme and colors are gender-neutral, so the jumperoo is appropriate for girls and boys


If you are searching for a way to entertain your little one or looking for a special gift for a new parent, look no further than the Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo. It is considered one of the best selling baby items and is highly rated by customer reviews.

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